FÒNICS recordings begin

We present the FÒNICS project, a space for Balearic playwriting podcasts promoted by the Directorate General of Culture of the Government of the Balearic Islands.

Within the context of the pandemic, the performing arts have been especially vulnerable to audience limitations, which has deeply affected the fabric of the theater industry in our community. The FÒNICS project is born with the illusion of addressing two essential sectors for this industry, in a double direction

On the one hand, we want to empower contemporary authors and actors by giving them a working space where they can interact with the second objective of this podcast, the audience.

The Directorate General of Culture is committed to keeping our culture alive and offering the public access to our talent so that together we can more easily overcome this crisis situation from which we are emerging.

To start the project two plays have been chosen, Electra by Llorenç Moyà y Gilabert, adapted by Josep Pere Peyró and La Sucesión by Vicent Tur, adapted by Salvador Oliva.

We have sought a criterion in which contemporary authors from the four islands are represented and in which the figure of women, both young and veteran, actresses and authors is mostly present.

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