In Fònics we have been fortunate to have the participation of the actor Marc Joy, who has answered a couple of questions related to his participation in this project. Born in Palma de Mallorca and currently based in Barcelona is one of the protagonists, along with Assun Planes, of the podcast Transbord, adaptation of the play of the same title and has also been interpreted by this talented actor, who this December 28th stretches at the Teatre Principal de Palma with the play "Zona Inundable".

Had you ever worked on a project like this before?

Not exactly like this one. Yes, I had done dubbing and audiobook voiceovers, but never a voice-over theatrical piece.

How was the recording in the studio? Do you have any anecdotes?

It was a very enriching experience. I was able to understand that the rhythms and volumes in a voice-over dramatization are different from those of a live staging. The voice-over has its own tempo, its own beat, and it was very cool to find it among all of us.

Did you know the play you performed before?

Yes, I've been playing Pol in the play Transbord for years. It's a show that has given us a lot of joy and has made us grow. I am very grateful to have met this text and this character, and to have met again with Assun Planas on stage. Obviously, happy to have completed this journey with Fònics and dive into the voice-over version of the play.

How has it been working under the direction of Salvador Oliva?

It's been delightful. A ten. He has been assertive at all times and has been able to convey perfectly what he wanted and needed from us. We have built together.

Do you think this project has to be extended in time? Why?

Always yes. It is a project that serves as a loudspeaker for our playwrights and playwrights and their work, incidentally, gives voice to the actresses and actors of our territory. Fònics is an excellent way to make the public enjoy the talent of the Islands.

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