Inmaculada Villalonga, is one of the actresses of our podcast: ENTREVISTES BREUS AMB DONES EXCEPCIONALS, by Joan Yago. This wonderful actress began her career at the age of twenty with an amateur theater company, and at the age of twenty she started to work professionally with the company Estudi Zero Teatre. His training goes through the school of Teatre Sans, and multiple courses of interpretation, voice and singing. He has participated in a great number of theatrical acts, collaborated in series and nowadays he has his own voice-over company: Locucioidoblatge.com.

Had you ever worked on a project like this before?

Yes, as a voice performer I have worked on choral recordings of these characteristics.

How was the recording in the sound studio?

Very good, there was a very good atmosphere.

Did you know the play you performed before?

No, I did not know it.

How has it been working under the direction of Salvador Oliva?

A pleasure, as always when we have collaborated together.

Do you think this project has to be extended in time? Why?

Yes, I would love to, I think it is a very interesting and necessary project.

I really like sound fiction and in this particular case, I think it is also a good tool to publicize works by new authors from the Islands.

I also think that continuing would be very useful and would help to disseminate the essential works of theater in Catalan in the Islands.

Obviously, because it dynamizes the sector, from another perspective.

Obviously, because it energizes the sector, from another point of view because we are in a new era where the sound format is on the rise and from the islands we must offer our own content.

And finally, as a listener, I am grateful to have the opportunity to listen to good theater, to be entertained, to discover new creators, or to review plays in Catalan made at home.

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