TRANSBORD, by Sebastià Portell


It has been a few weeks since Pol, a young trans man, visited the social security psychiatrist’s office to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria. He needs it in order to be able to change his gender identity before the institutions of the state and the society in which he lives, which still sees him and treats him, sometimes, as a woman.

This visit, which takes place in a consulting room but which could be set in any passing place or non-place, such as a train station or an airport, traces a journey through the existence of this lively, joking, authentic person, full of rage and love. A person whose heart escapes any label or binarism and who refuses to say that he suffers from what the system still considers a disorder.

Throughout the hour-long session, Pol not only confronts the hypocrisy of a supposedly advanced and egalitarian society, but also dialogues with some of his ghosts and his best memories.


  • Títol: Transbord.
  • Director: Salvador Oliva.
  • Author: Sebastià Portell.
  • Performers: Asun Planas and Marc Joy.

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