ELECTRA, de Llorenç Moyà (acte 1)


According to Greek mythology, Electra, daughter of Agamemnon (king of Mycenae) and Clytemnestra, his partner, murdered by Egist, Clytemnestra's lover. Electra encourages her brother Orestes because he kills her mother and Egist, murderers of her partner. The adaptation and direction have been in charge of the playwright Josep Pere Peyró.


Author, adaptation, direction, performers.

Llorenç Moyà i Gilabert (Binissalem, 1916 - Palma, 1981) was a Mallorcan poet, playwright and storyteller. He began his literary career within the star of the Mallorcan School, evolving towards symbolism and baroque during the 50s. In the 60's he created a series of works based on classical mythology, such as Electra (1963), which served to denounce the political situation of the time.

The adaptation and direction has been in charge of the playwright Josep Pere Peyró and the cast included actress as Lorena Faus, Joana Peralta, Xim Vidal, Marina Nicolau, Lluki Portas and Joan Manel Vadell the actresses Lorena Faus, Joana Peralta, Marina Nicolau and Lluki Portas, and the actors Xim Vidal and Joan Manel Vadell.


  • Clytemnestra: Joana Peralta.
  • Aegisthus: Xim Vidal.
  • Electra: Lluki Portas.
  • Admeta: Marina Nicolau.
  • Messenger: Lorena Faus.
  • Orestes: Joan Manel Vadell.
  • Technical direction: Jaume Gelabert.
  • Recording: Estudis Tramuntana.
  • Direction and adaptation: Josep Pere Peyró.
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